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Building World-Class Sports Facilities

At Ballard Construction we are licensed general contractors with a team of experts and professionals in agronomy, landscaping and field architecture. Our specialists are highly trained in helping you engineer a design specific to your needs and overseeing every stage of the construction process to ensure you end up with a facility you are proud of. If required, we bring in qualified subcontractors to help overcome any challenges during construction.

With our team, experience, resources and specialized machinery, we are equipped to handle any concerns you may have. Ballard is even able to help with any budgeting, zoning and permitting issues. We aim to prioritize aesthetics, performance, durability and budget restraints so your facility will perform as expected and be as easy as possible to upkeep.

Dedicated to Proper Field Construction

From the very beginning, Ballard Construction is ready to create a design blueprint or work with your engineers and architects to create the perfect plan for your build. We have the resources and abilities to create custom fields tailored to fit any design specifications.

To get the job done right, Ballard has a large fleet of heavy-duty equipment and veteran operators dedicated to completing groundwork properly to ensure a proper foundation is created to make field construction and sports turf installation as efficient as possible.

As a premier sports construction company, Ballard knows the importance of proper grading and drainage when creating the foundation for your facility. If it’s not graded properly, it won’t drain properly. That’s why we utilize several laser-controlled machines so that every field we build will have the most accurate grading possible. Our licensed equipment operators have years of experience in creating the most optimal grading design for your project.

New Construction, Renovations and Repairs

Fixing drainage issues is one of the most important variables in a long-lasting high-performance field or equine arena, as premier horse arena builders, Ballard is here to help. Not only do we build new fields from scratch, but we also fix, enhance and extend existing fields. We’ve created new fields and repaired older ones for professional sports teams to local parks with varying budgets and needs, Ballard does it all.

Complete Installation

Ballard Construction is a licensed general contractor, this means we offer complete installation of all equipment and construction of field structures with expert workmanship. Some of the things we install are track and field equipment and obstacles, goals, goal posts, nets, batting cages, dugouts, bullpens, scoreboard systems, bleachers, press boxes, equine obstacles, and fencing.

Concrete and Materials Specialists

Ballard is also no stranger to concrete. After working with concrete for over 40 years, we are exceptionally skilled in constructing curbs, turf edge, walkways and more.

Our expertise also extends to the construction of track surfaces, we use any material to create the best surface to fit the needs of any track. This also applies to choose the best infield mix for your baseball or softball field. Our familiarity with various materials and products gives us the edge in choosing the perfect custom mix to meet the needs of your field while staying under budget.

To complete your facility’s installation, Ballard applies all of the finishing touches such as the proper field painting and lighting installation.

Synthetic and Natural Turf Management

Ballard Sports is highly knowledgeable in both natural and synthetic turf. Ballard employs a nationally recognized Sports Turf Manager with over 45 years of experience with a vast understanding of natural grass and history of expertise in synthetic turf installation.

We have installed natural grass fields for numerous nationally recognized teams as well as countless synthetic turf fields across the east coast and into the mid-west. Whether you’re looking for turf soccer field installation, football turf installation or any other sports field installation, we’ve got you covered.

Through our association with our industry partners, we are able to provide your field with the most up to date grow-in, care and maintenance practices to ensure its long-lasting health.

Through our connections to various Certified Turfgrass Growers, we are able to provide native natural sod suited to your region. We’re also not tied to a specific vendor for synthetic turf grass so we will always be able to provide the best product to meet the requirements of your project with a budget in mind.

Look no further for artificial turf football field installation. We have a long list of completed artificial football turf installation projects that our customers are very proud of.

Arena Enhancement, Repair, and Construction

Our focus when building your equestrian riding arena is to provide you with a safe surface that is resistant to wear and tear, with superior performance. At Ballard Sports, we handle all parts of the build and custom choose materials to create the highest quality arena with budget in mind.

From choosing custom footing additives and footing retention materials to installing drains, fencing, lights, sprinklers, mirrors, and obstacles, Ballard will take care of every detail.

Our equestrian riding arena services include full arena construction, partial arena construction with sub-base and/or base already existing, as well as renovations and repairs. This includes replacement of surface materials, and extensions of existing arenas. All of our arena construction services apply to both indoor and outdoor facilities.

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